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Our complete suite of services include onsite , telephone and video interpretation offerings to all of the major users of language interpretation. Our specializations are call centers, government, hospital and medical courts and legal.

The difference is clear

Singapore is a multi-ethnic society that has four official languages. Interpreter services help those with limited proficiency in a language that is being used. If you need an interpreter in English, Malay, Tamil and Mandarin Chinese then please contact us.

How are we different?

Our core values drive our full service mentality. Interpreters who are skilled, professional and care are the difference. This starts from our recruitment process and flows through the full service delivery. We treat everyone with respect.

All assignments are managed on a client-accessible cloud platform so you can see the status of your assignment from request through to delivery.

Interpreters are skilled professionals who help build a connection and bridge the communication gap.

Quality interpretation makes a difference. The consequences of poor interpreting can be serious. This is obvious in the medical and legal fields. Most clients also recognize the importance of quality in other fields such as conferences, business meetings and customer contact centers.


Interpreter Jobs

Qualified professional interpreters are in highest demand in Singapore. We are recruiting for CEPI (certification examination for professional interpreters ) certified interpreters in Singapore who are available for onsite, telephone and video assignments. Successful applicants choose their hours and job types.